Title: Destiny
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“Every single day, you ask me; ‘Do you really like me that much? Why do you like me? What’s the reason for you liking me?’… And up until now, you still don’t know the answer to that? I like you just because you’re you.”

► Hoya’s sharp tongue


[120629] TEEN TOP & INFINITE - The Chaser/To You (Teen Top @ 1:12 and 3:28)

A letter, DVD, book, and some treats!

A girl is most attractive when she says...?

Hoya: 나 배고파 ( I'm hungry )

Yesterday I dropped by my house to check the mail to see if Judii’s present was delivered. I saw two packages at my doorstep. One was for Judii and the other was from Lorna, sent to me! I brought them back to the car because we were heading downtown. I had Judii open her present first because it was from me. I bought her 12 SHINee posters for the first one, the second one isn’t here yet. She was practically hyperventilating in the driver seat while Diana was like, “wtf?” and “who are they?” anyway she couldn’t even get past the first picture she was freakin out too much. Lol but eventually we looked at all of them together. The shrine of SHINee coming soon. I’ll take pictures of that when it’s up in her room somewhere.

Lorna sent me this giant box. Which I will take pictures of all my presents later! I got some Pocky and Pepporo. These awesome waffle/peanut chips? Idk what they’re called lol. “Pieces of You” by Tablo, stuffed Tortoro, which was super cute! Two MBLAQ posters, some cute MBLAQ cards, and also a magazine! I also got an Infinite DVD you know I’m going to be jamming to that. They were also wrapped in bags, lol, but it was a nifty idea! I enjoyed it.

I also received a hand written letter/card. It was on super cute sparkly paper with some cute cartoons on the side. It was written just perfectly! It made me pretty happy because I normally don’t receive things like that. One of the first things on there was “It might not be your birthday today but we can pretend it is.” Haha. It was sincere and from the heart, which I love. The ending was awesome, which mentioned our love for KPop and my biases ^^

THANK YOU SO MUCH LORNA!!! Gurrrr I can’t exprainnn what I ferrrrl. Honestly, thank you. It means so much that you went and got all those things for me. Your letter was one of the best gifts! I’m so thankful that we met each other and got a chance to be friends. You’re wonderful inside and out and I hope we can continue being long time friends in the future. You are truly one of my closest friends and I am always here for you no matter what! I may not say the best of things but I will always tell you the truth no matter what. I luv u yeobong! Heheh


대장 규느님과 오늘컴백한 틴탑엘조~! 컴백축하해~~
[TRANS] General Gyu-god with today’s comeback artist Teen Top’s L.Joe~! Congratulations on your comeback~~